Behind the Scene

Experience & skillset. We can proudly say that we have the right mix of both these. At SohaNetworks, we bring culture to people who are part of us. A culture that encourages productivity and an open environment, where people can speak their mind and come to value the ownership of their contribution. The SohaNetworks team works in total productive as well as creative harmony to maximize the results for the clients as well as for the achievement of individual goals.

At SohaNetworks, we fancy the attitude of people over their aptitude.

The most important aspect of the SohaNetworks team is the mutual respect that each individual has for each other. Be it the Web Developers, Web Designers or Software Developers each one has immense regard, both personally as well as professionally, for each other. Right from the beginning the people of the organization are motivated to value the opinions of each member of the team so as to bring about a successful outcome in all our endeavours. Regular team building exercises and motivational sessions are conducted to keep the spirits high and the momentum of growth upbeat. At SohaNetworks, we continuously emphasize the significance of a cross-functional working environment so that the ideas are shared through proper channels for the overall advantage of the organization.

Our clients will vouch that they have received efficient and timely updates, follow ups, net meeting, voice calls and deliveries at their time zone from all our Developers and Designers. From our sales, presales to PMG, technical or support personnel, everyone performs their expected set of roles to ensure a seamless client communication throughout the project cycle.